1971: I Heard It On the Radio

رجعوني عينيك لأيامي اللي راحوا “Raga’ouni ‘Aynek Li-Ayyami-elli-Rahou” “Your eyes took me back to the days that have gone” Weekends begin on Thursday in the Arab World.  Friday, the day of gathering at the mosque, is the heart of the weekend.  So, Thursday evening is known as Leilat Al-Joma’a, Friday’s eve, and marks the beginningContinue reading “1971: I Heard It On the Radio”

1965: Alone with a Single Mosquito … for a long night!

July 1965 on the Navajo Nation in Arizona.  The high school youth group at Community Presbyterian Church in Clarendon Hills, Illinois headed for a month-long work camp to do repairs and basic maintenance on a chapel at Nazlini, AZ and run a summer Bible school.  Nazlini is about halfway between the Presbyterian mission at GanadoContinue reading “1965: Alone with a Single Mosquito … for a long night!”

The Summer of 1969

Life-shaping experiences Arriving at Paris Orly in early June, a bunch of Macalester College students bussed into the airline bus station and arranged to stay at a pension on Rue Madame (in Stein and Toklas territory).  No one knew where that was. It turned out I was the only one who spoke French so IContinue reading “The Summer of 1969”